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All about the green gables
Welcome to the green gables! I’m Helen and I own the splendid loveliness that is the green gables. I live in Sandbach, Cheshire with my husband and two young boys (a dog is working progress). Thank you for visiting my site today, let me now tell you ………

What the green gables is all about
the green gables is all about sharing happiness, and helping you to find joy in everyday life. Stationery is a passion of mine; the smell of paper, starting a new notebook or just writing a plan or list to feel a little more organised in day to day life are the very small things that bring a smile to my face. In fact, I firmly believe in the adage ‘taking pleasure in the small things’ because it really is the small things that can make all the difference. You will find lots of lovely products here that are both useful and can make everyday life a little more special.
Another thing I am passionate about is customer service. I want everything from your visit to this website to receiving your goods to be a fabulous feel-good experience. If you are like me, every day you experience the frustrations of not feeling like a valued customer or getting a second-rate service, I want to change that! I am not happy unless my customers are.

Why eco-friendly?
The planet we all live on is a beautiful, wondrous place and it’s important to me that we do our best to take care of it and keep it safe for future generations.
• By printing our paper products on 100% recycled paper stock we’re reducing the need to cut down trees to make fresh paper and proving there is a demand for high quality recycled paper.
• By using compostable packaging (such as the clear bags your note pads and cards are packaged in), recyclable or reusable postal packaging and recycling, where possible, everything we can’t use or reuse, we’re reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.
There’s always more to be done but it’s a start.

Why British-made?
I strive to make the green gables’ products in Britain, wherever possible, to keep down the number of miles products travel and to support other British businesses. This helps us reduce our carbon footprint and support the British economy.

In the loop

Thank you so much for visiting my site today, I hope you find something that tickles your fancy.

If you’d like to get in touch I’d love to hear from you. I’m interested to hear what you love about our products, what we can improve on or either if you have a ‘I wish someone would make this’ idea. You can contact me on